Having branded signage is extremely important when your business needs to make a public facing presence. The strategy behind branded signage is what makes it effective. Having an effective strategy will not only maximize your signage potential but will serve more than just a means of presentation. Your brand is the first impression you have to make on a potential customer. It’s crucial to ensure your brand is displayed accurately and clearly in a way that your potential customers want to connect with you.

Keep Your Branded Signage Fresh

The most effective strategies showcase the creativity behind your brand while giving your customer experience a face lift. When you are developing your branded signage strategy, you need to have it stand out from the crowd. The first question you should ask yourself is, how do I make this as eye-catching as possible? You can look at everything from illuminated signs to wayfinding signage to get an idea of what’s available to you. Then start thinking about the elements of your branding you’d like to include along with any outside elements that are show-stopping and eye-catching. Think of the fonts, colours, and imagery you’d like included. You don’t want to add TOO MUCH to your signage, it still needs to be clear and concise to your customers. Good branded signage is part of the overall story your business tells.

I’m sure you’ve seen businesses with outdated, faded, or even damaged signage. Having these kinds of branded signage out in front of your store or at trade events will do you much more harm than good. Using branded signage that doesn’t portray your brands image effectively will push potential customers away from your brand. Replace your branded signage when it’s time and don’t let it get to the point where it’s doing you more harm than good.

Create A Connection With Your Customers

To create a connection with your customers, you need to find that happy balance between what you like and what your customers expect to see. How your message is conveyed through your branded signage will create an emotional response from your customers. It’s not only about the information on the sign, it’s also about how it’s designed. You can have a dull, plain sign display the same information as one that is more aesthetically pleasing. If you look between the two brands, you’ll find the one with the nice looking branded signage is getting more traffic.

Placement is also important. You want customers to be able to see your sign from far away and have it be obvious when they’re up close. Figure out exactly where the best place for your signage is so you can capitalize on all possible viewpoints around you.

Branded Signage Needs To Capture Attention

Not only does your branded signage need to encapsulate the spirit of your business, it also needs to capture the attention of all your potential customers. The design of your sign and the information within it are synonymous with each other. The information you need on your sign will support the overall aesthetics. Put yourself in your customers shoes, someone who has never heard of or seen your brand before. Ask yourself, what would you expect to see form the sign? Logo? Business name? Phone number? Email? These are all things to figure out to deliver the most effective branded signage.

Keep in mind, your branded signage needs to be legible. It’s great you have a graphically beautiful ad but if no one can read what’s on it, your branded signage becomes useless. Design for accessibility in mind so everyone can benefit from what you have to offer.

Signage design and information go hand in hand, with the essential information delivering the functionality to support the aesthetics. Ask yourself whether your sign includes the details you’d expect to see as a customer – is every piece of information essential, or can you reduce the amount of text yet communicate your message just as effectively, or more so?

Remember signage legibility and readability Beautiful graphics and punchy, well-chosen information will only take you so far. Now that you’ve captured your customer’s attention, they must be able to read your sign and absorb the information at a glance. However, it’s at this stage in the design process that things can go awry, particularly if you get the scale wrong. Charming graphic elements can assume monstrous proportions and elements can look out of whack with each other.

You should also be designing for accessibility. Design for your visually impaired clients and everyone will benefit from the clear and legible signs you create.

Delivering effective branded signage can be challenging and overwhelming on your own. That’s why our expert team at Sudden Exposure does all the heavy lifting for you. We provide a wide variety of styles and products you brand can use to increase your reach. Growing your business through branded signage doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking. Contact us today to get started.