Custom banners attract attention. Think about any event you’ve been to in your life. Welcome signs, directional signs, there’s a variety of them wherever you go. When your creating custom banners think of the strategy of how you’re going to design them and where you’re going to place them. Custom banners generate a sense of credibility and legitimacy to anyone laying eyes on your brand.

There are ways to ensure you are being effective with your custom banners. All the way from development to placement. Making sure your custom banners are clean and creative will make your promotion much more effective. Branding your custom banners by including your business name or logo provides a visual cue to those who see it, immediately providing you with brand recognition.

Go Big or Go Home

If you’re going to create a custom banner, you want to make sure you’re getting the appropriate size for its purpose. If you’re creating a welcome sign, you want it to be large enough that it can be seen from a distance and by anyone who is entering. When you need an arrow sign to show someone where to go, you probably want that to be slightly smaller.

However, whenever possible, make it BIG! You want to be seen as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Your custom banner graphics can be billboard size or larger, whatever it needs to be in order to achieve the amount of eyes you need. You want to cover locations that can be seen from a distance to get as many eyes on it as you can. The bigger the customer banner, the more likely you are to get eyes on it.
What happens when you have a crowd of people by your sign and because it’s so small no one can see it from afar? How will people know where you are or what your brand is? This is another reason why bigger is better with your custom banners. Keep these questions in mind when developing your strategy.

Custom Banners Are An Opportunity

At any event or gathering it’s important that you have a strategy in place to direct traffic. Whether that be stairwells, elevators, foot traffic, you need to have directional signs so people actually know where to go. Otherwise, you’re going to have people everywhere and crowding in areas where you could have custom banners. This is detracting eyes away from your brand and in turn making your custom banners ineffective.

These are opportunities to showcase more of your brand. People are always looking for directional signs to know where to go and because of this, these custom banners will get the most attention. You have the opportunity to communicate and give them an enjoyable experience while getting your brand in front of them. This creates a connection and provides a non-jarring entry point to your brand.

If at all possible, wrap it up. Use vinyl adhesive decals for your custom banners because they are made to adhere to almost any surface. Whether it’s textured, flat, or contoured, vinyl adhesive decals are great for indoor and outdoor custom banners. They’re also easy to read if the sun shines on them and can be seen from afar.

Use What’s Available To You

Whether you’re indoor or outdoor, you have landscape and areas around you to use to your advantage. If you’re outside you can use the existing landscape to display graphics and strategically place your custom banner. For inside areas, you can utilize walls, doors, and any other elements that are already a part of the space. You don’t need to limit yourself to sign posts or specific areas where you feel signs should be placed. Get creative with the placement of your banners. The ones who are most unique will always get the most attention.

When you’re placing your custom banners, have a strategy in mind that utilizes as much of the space as possible. This will create an immersive experience when people lay eyes on your brand. You don’t want their first experience to be jarring or uncomfortable. You want them to be immersed in your brand the moment they lay eyes on your custom banner. By following these tips you’re sure to see success when you begin to craft your custom banners strategy.

Keep an eye out for areas of opportunity where you wouldn’t expect to see custom banners. These areas will grab peoples attention right away. Also, go for full color when designing your custom banners. Make it pop and eye-catching so when someone lays eyes on your brand they’re immediately engaged and interested in learning more. Be impactful and customize the shapes and layer design elements to create something that really connects with your audience.

When you’re ready to get out into the world and show your brand to the masses, our team of experts are at the ready. Our custom banners are designed with your brand in mind. In order for it to be effective, you need to have the right team. We know you need to be seen and it needs to be effective. Contact us at Sudden Exposure for your quote.