Computer Cut Signage

Computer cut vinyl lettering or decals are vector based artwork that a plotter, can trace around to be able to cut to shape with a computer driven knife blade. The vinyl is cut to the shape of the image that appears on the computer screen. The vinyl is then prepared for installation, to any smooth non-porous surface, with a thin piece of transfer tape over the top to keep the lettering or lettering and decal combination in place during application.

There are many different types of vinyl with certain vinyls being used for certain applications.


Really make an impact using a lightbox. Cutting out your business name or company logo from translucent coloured vinyl and applying direct to a lightbox looks great in the day time but really comes alive at night. The translucent vinyl allows the light through illuminating the colour. Using black vinyl blocks the light only letting it though the cut out parts which creates an eye catching visual that gets seen from far away.


Vehicle Signage is a great form of mobile advertising for your business. If you don’t want to go to the extent of a full or part vehicle wrap simple text with products, services or contact details are a cost effective option that can easily be replaced or updated.


A simple way to decorate your window and add colour and dimension, maybe create a themed boarder or advertise with your logo. There are a wide range of colours available, many of which closely match pantone colours to keep with your branding, and can be printed onto decorative window film.


Use that space on the awning above your retail premises to display your business name, phone number, email address or website. Building Signage is a great and cost effective way of advertising that’s visible to everyone that drive’s past or uses the high street.


Computer cut vinyl lettering is great for getting any message across. Advertise your core products or services with a permanent bullet pointed decal or promote a temporary campaign like a sale or special offer.