Custom Market Umbrellas – Branded

For close to 30 years, Sudden Exposure have been manufacturing, branding and delivering the highest quality Commercial Market Umbrellas Australia-wide.

Exclusively supplying branded umbrellas for industry sectors connected to tourism, hospitality and events.

Whilst we work across different industries within Commercial we also service Residential.



Apart from Umbrellas doing the obvious, there are so many other reasons to consider them!  Right!

Firstly, they just enhanced an area and space, giving a warm and inviting feel to liven up the atmosphere of a place. Creating an amazing relaxing ambience!

Secondly Market umbrellas are able to add some form of protection from the outdoor elements, be it light showers, rain, beautiful sunshine, the evening chill and even our unpredictable wildlife, there is always a reason to have umbrellas around for pure protection UV 50+ from being in the external environment.

Thirdly they are able to offer an opportunity to Branding awareness as a form of wayfinding, enhancement of product or perhaps an artistic way to express your own sense of style. In any case sitting underneath whilst dining Alfresco can create a beautiful sense of freedom and protection.

Fourthly Umbrellas are just practical & simple!



We offer up Square framed Market Umbrellas – Commercial quality, marine grade stainless steel hardware, for ease of replacement when the weather tries us out or a truck collects us on a tight corner – we have you sorted!

Our frames are Commercial Quality Black Powder coated Aluminium frames. Double pulley for ease of use with accredited AS Standards wind ratings available for inspection and easy to replace parts to do yourselves, (it’s not rocket science), however we also offer that service to bring your Umbrellas back to near new.

Keep in mind if it’s too windy to sit outside, it’s too windy for your Umbrellas to be up – close them up to avoid damage to the frame. Common sense should prevail.

You are also highly likely to require a permit for your Umbrellas from your Council, important to see what they will allow, prior to creating your space if you require inground fixings, Um. bases, or anything out of the ordinary great idea to notify them first.  


Sizes are 2.1mt. & 3mt. Square.


Canopies are made of a number of different qualities, when considering a cover cheapest sometimes isn’t best, colour fastness today has changed dramatically and still rates as the one of the most important to us here at Sudden Exposure we know when we spend our hard earned, we expect results, it truely gives back, if investment is made, we expect results (am sure you do also).


Textiles : Spuncrylic – 100% Solution Dyed Polyester, 5 +/- year Non Fade Covers, UV protection 50+ and                                                           Water repellent.  Premium performer – limited colour range.

: Acrylic – 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic, 10 +/- year Non-Fade Covers, UV Protection 50+,Water repellent                                         and exceptional brightness. Deluxe performer – unlimited colour range.

Fabric is always going to behave differently as to the amount of UV rays it’s exposure to – be it the length and time of the  exposure daily.

They can do with a clean to get rid of atmospheric grime & droppings, now and again to bring them back to near new, we also offer this cleaning service.

Styles: Square Cut and with also Valanced(the skirt that hangs down)cover branding can be done on the Roof panels or both roof panels and valances.

Colours: there are off the shelf made up covers or custom made covers with absolutely different looks and lets face it we don’t all have to have plain black Umbrellas – start the “Woo Hoo” & create your own distinctive style.

There are so many different colours to chose from the standard colour range, however the custom colours are so beautiful why not give it a go – maybe plains & stripes with printing or maybe Digitally printed panels with plain valances -possibilities are without constraint. 


Printing:  We are all inhouse printing – everything is done on site we have been Screen printing umbrellas since the mid ’90’s – however today the idea that we can create more than logos and create an umbrella with an extraordinary impact to showcase your event, winery, bar, restaurant or cafe is more than exciting for us here at Sudden Exposure.

Having been in the brand and print game since the early 1980’s, working throughout the world, on all types of substrates, we are more than able to convey the correct inks for the correct application, offering Screen Print, DTF and Digital Print in all facets of Marketing and Branding.

We stock all the correct Bases for the Umbrellas as well as 10kg and 15kg Weight Bags for those in really Windy Areas keeping your patrons safe.

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Call us today 0411 179 847 or email us: to see what’s acheiveable, we are more than ready to work with you on these. 


We carry a range of quality commercial Umbrellas perfect for any Enterprise, Event or Product Launch. Whether you have a need for 200 or only 1 we can turn these around to meet any deadline- on time-on budget – above expectation! We also print covers with an all over digital printed cover on a great Dirt Repellent Media to keep your product looking great way after anticipation. When looking up underneath has a wonderful Luminance.